About us

BENE interijeri was founded in 2007 with wish to offer full service in a field of upholstered furniture. Company owner Mario Bene is a master in work with upholstered furniture. He has collected his knowledge and experience in longtime work with leading german furniture producers. Mario Bene desires to transfer his knowledge, high quality work and quick solving of problems to croatian market through BENE interijeri.

Company BENE interijeri hasn't limited their services only on repairing upholstered furniture, they also like to prove in a tapestry of transport vehicles (cars, trains, buses), office furniture, catering, public facilities and private clients with their desires and furniture problems.

Through nowdays life tempo all buyers with reclamation wants quick, professional and quality problem solving, and not long-term reclamation solvingthrough unprofessional staff in a work with furniture.